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How Much is a Private Autism Assessment: Cost and Considerations

An private Autism (also known as ASD) assessment costs a total of 2200£. This includes the full assessment process, diagnosis, and report. The report is also sent to the patient’s doctor or General Practicioner. The cost of the assessment is split into 5 payments.

Understanding Autism: Types, Symptoms, and Impact on Daily Life

Autism varies significantly in terms of signs and symptoms and how it impacts people’s lives as it is a spectrum. Behaviours and complications from Autism are assessed for and evaluated in great depth to help understand the impact on people’s lives. Some symptoms such as difficulty managing social situations in school can lead children to experience isolation, sadness and other mental health difficulties. Symptoms such as sensory difficulties with noise can lead to people feeling distressed in noisy environments including school and work. Difficulties with food can lead to people being underweight and potentially malnourished. New environments and people can be a challenge for those who are Autistic making it difficult to adjust to new routines or plans.

Exploring the Private Autism Assessment Process in the UK

Navigating private mental health services can be daunting. At Diverse Diagnostics, a consultant psychiatrist is required to be registered with the GMC (General Medical Council) and have specialised training to undertake Autism Assessments. When an ASD assessment is undertaken at Diverse Diagnostics, other psychological disorders are screened for, and a full mental state is completed alongside the assessment.

What to Expect During a Private Autism Assessment

A Private Autism Assessment, at Diverse Diagnostics is broken down into 4 appointments over 8 weeks. The first appointment is an initial assessment with a Consultant Psychiatrist. This appointment is followed by a neurodevelopmental screening appointment where the history/childhood of the person is looked at. Questionnaires are also sent out to help understand further background history of the person getting assessed.  The 3rd appointment is an ADOS -2 appointment which is completed face to face at our various locations. The final 4th appointment is completed online where the consultant psychiatrist shares the feedback about the outcome for assessment and a medical report is given/explained to patients and sent to the patient’s GP.

At Diverse Diagnostics, we offer a free 15-minute telephone consultation.

How Much is a Private Autism Assessment? Comparing the Cost to NHS Services

Private Autism assessments for children and adults can be done in the private healthcare sector. At Diverse Diagnostics, the Autism assessments for children and adults are led by consultant psychiatrists but are multidisciplinary in nature with other mental health professional involvement. At Diverse Diagnostics, private autism assessments are done in a shorter time frame than that is being offered by the NHS. We complete a full autism assessment with a medical report within 8 weeks. By ensuring an efficient and effective, assessment process patients can access earlier support and interventions. Early diagnosis and intervention can help prevent further mental health complications and improvement in one’s mental health.

Navigating Private Autism Assessment Costs: Insurance, Funding, and Resources

At Diverse Diagnostics we do take private insurance for private assessments. We want to ensure that private assessments are accessible to those with or without insurance. We are registered with BUPA, Vitality and Aviva.

Quicker Assessment Process and Reduced Waiting Times

A private mental health assessment for Autism allows for a reduced waiting time. Access to diagnosis allows earlier access to support intervention services. The assessment process is quicker with different professionals providing effective input in a timely manner to help support an individual needs.

Accessing Specialised Professionals and Comprehensive

A diagnosis for Autism or ASD for children and adults allows access to different support services and interventions available. It allows the school to provide the appropriate support from a social and academic point of view. It allows employers to put provisions in place to help support their employees. A diagnosis allows other mental health professionals to provide targeted support/therapeutic input for their symptoms and behaviours. Parents are able to access greater support with a diagnosis from school and within the local community.

At Diverse Diagnostics, we offer a parenting program course for ASD or 1-1 therapeutic support with one of our specialised neurodevelopmental therapists.

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FAQs – How Much Is a Private Autism Assessment:

What is the cost range for a private autism assessment in the UK?

Private assessments in the UK can generally range from £1800 to £3500.

Does insurance cover the expenses of a private autism assessment?

Some health insurance companies in the UK do cover the expenses of a private autism assessment. Each healthcare insurance provider is different, and we recommend families to call their provider before booking in.

Are there any funding options or financial assistance available?

At Diverse Diagnostics, we offer split payments for all our assessments to ease the financial impact. Many local communities have charities that may provide some financial support for an assessment. It would be helpful for families to contact their local citizen advice bureau to see what options may be available to them as a family to fund a private assessment.

What is the difference between a private autism assessment and an NHS assessment?

At Diverse Diagnostics, we follow the same pathway for ASD assessments as the NHS, and the assessments are CAMHS Consultant-led. This allows for easier transition for individuals and families back into the NHS should they choose to. As a clinic, we work to the gold standard for ASD assessments and uphold all national guidance for assessing Autism.

How long does a private autism assessment typically take?

A private autism assessment takes 8 weeks to complete at Diverse Diagnostics.

What professionals are involved in conducting a private autism assessment?

Our ASD/Autism assessments are all led by consultant psychiatrists. They also involve other mental health professionals, including psychologists and neurodevelopmental therapists. This multi-disciplinary approach allows greater certainty and confidence for families when a diagnosis is given.