Private Child ASD Assessment:

Patient Focused, Psychiatrist led

Welcome to Diverse Diagnostics, your trusted source for child ASD assessments. Our carefully designed online assessment is just for children, offering unmatched insights and support for families dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Guided by skilled specialists and a caring approach, we uncover the unique aspects of your child's ASD, creating personalised treatment paths that improve overall well-being.

Comprehensive Private ASD Assessment

Living with ASD brings unique challenges for children. Symptoms present in different ways, making it important to have a comprehensive assessment that accurately diagnoses the effects of the condition. Our expert child ASD assessment goes beyond basic observations, aiming to uncover not just obvious symptoms, but also the subtle aspects that place a child on the autism spectrum.

Throughout this assessment journey, our goal is to empower both children and their families with a clear understanding of how ASD shapes their individual situations.

Why Consider A Child ASD Assessment?

Our Child ASD Assessment Process

Our Child ASD Assessment Process

Online Evaluations for Comprehensive Insights

We are proud to offer our expert ASD assessments online, accessible to individuals and families across the UK. Our comprehensive evaluation is available from the comfort of your home. Diverse Diagnostics team of specialists is dedicated to providing individuals with the support they need, regardless of their location.

child asd assessment
Why Is It Helpful To Have an

ASD Diagnosis?

Getting a formal ASD diagnosis can make a significant difference to how you and your child manage presenting symptoms. It also validates the challenges that both children and families face, while giving a clear understanding of behaviours and traits that might have been confusing before.

This validation eases doubts, providing a comforting sense of relief, knowing that others with the same diagnosis share similar experiences.

A formal diagnosis opens doors to various support resources and treatments. Our skilled team can guide families toward evidence-based interventions, therapeutic strategies, and educational methods that suit the child's unique strengths and challenges.

With a diagnosis in hand, families can set out on an informed journey focused on achieving the best possible outcomes.

Child ASD Screening:
Tailored Insights for Early Understanding

  • Cost: £390
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Outcome: Report with recommendations, clarifying the need for further evaluation
  • Led by a Child Consultant Psychiatrist
  • Screens specifically for Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Appointment is counted towards the official Autism Spectrum Disorder assessment process if a full assessment is recommended.

Child ASD Screening:
Tailored Insights for Early Understanding

Take the first step in understanding your child's needs with Diverse Diagnostics' Child ASD Screening. This expert-led, focused assessment is designed for clarity and guidance, offering an alternative to a full ASD assessment.

While our Child ASD Screening is a valuable first step, it's crucial to understand that it does not constitute a complete Autism assessment. It serves as an initial screening tool, guiding you towards a better understanding of your child’s neurodevelopmental profile. This screening appointment looks at social skill difficulties, communication challenges, repetitive behaviours and screens for mental health conditions inlcuding ADHD.

Book Your
Expert ASD Assessment Online

Deepen your understanding of your child's ASD by booking an assessment with our specialists. With thorough insights, you can start the journey toward better well-being and tailored support for your child's unique needs.

Don't let ASD hinder your child's potential. Experience the benefits of an accurate diagnosis, personalised treatment, and ongoing support through our comprehensive expert child ASD assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Expert ASD Assessment