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Welcome to Diverse Diagnostics, home to expert private ADHD assessments for adults across the UK. 

Our online assessment provides clarity and support for the complexities of adult ADHD. With skilled psychiatrists and a patient-centred approach, we accurately diagnose and create personalised treatment plans for better well-being.

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Comprehensive Private Assessment Assessment

Living with adult ADHD can be like navigating through a puzzle. The challenges you face might not always be obvious, yet they can deeply affect various parts of your life, from your job, to your relationships - and even how you feel about yourself.

Our expert private ADHD assessment goes beyond checklists to uncover not just the obvious signs, but also the subtle expressions of adult ADHD. With this process, we aim to provide you with a full understanding of how ADHD affects your unique life.

Why Consider an Adult ADHD Assessment?

Adult ADHD comes in many forms, and its signs can be difficult to spot. What you think are personal traits or struggles might actually be due to adult ADHD. 

Our expert assessment goes deeper, aiming to uncover even the most subtle signs. This approach ensures an accurate diagnosis and a personalised treatment plan. A mental state is completed in an ADHD assessment to uncover other mental health issues that are identified in the process to ensure patients have a comprehensive understanding of their difficulties. 

Living with ADHD can be challenging, but understanding your condition is key to regaining control. Our assessment aims to provide insights into how ADHD interacts with your daily life. With this knowledge, you can develop strategies, make informed choices, and start a journey to a more fulfilling life.

At Diverse Diagnostics, we offer complete treatment plans for adults with ADHD. This includes medication, therapy, and coaching, showing our commitment to providing full support. By highlighting these options, we ensure that you understand the comprehensive help we offer, so you can confidently move forward with us.

Our Adult ADHD Assessment Process

Led by a Consultant Psychiatrist, this process follows the same diagnostic assessment as the NHS. At our clinic, we offer a comprehensive and personalised assessment process to ensure accurate diagnosis and effective treatment recommendations.

Here’s an overview of our assessment process:

1. Pre-screening Questionnaires for Adult ADHD Assessment

As part of our adult ADHD assessment process, we offer pre-screening standardised questionnaires for you to complete before your initial visit.

These questionnaires offer you an opportunity to provide insights into your experiences and symptoms, which play a pivotal role in tailoring our assessment process to your needs.

2. Comprehensive Adult ADHD Assessment: Initial Evaluation, Developmental History, Mental State, and Diagnostic Feedback

Our comprehensive adult ADHD assessment, led by a specialist consultant adult psychiatrist, involves several key stages.

  • An initial evaluation where you can openly discuss your concerns
  • An exploration of your developmental history and key life stages
  • A thorough mental state examination to understand your cognitive and emotional components
  • A diagnostic feedback session to discuss your comprehensive report summarising findings and diagnostic insights, followed by a discussion of personalised treatment recommendations
  • Online Assessments for the Entire UK

    We are proud to extend our expert private ADHD assessments to individuals throughout the UK. Whether you're in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, or anywhere in between, our expert team is here to provide you with the support you need.

    Why Is It Helpful To Have a Diagnosis?

    Getting a formal diagnosis for adult ADHD is vitally important. It's more than just a label; it's proof of the challenges you've faced. It acknowledges that your struggles are real and due to a recognised medical condition. 

    This validation can help with self-doubt and replace it with empowerment, knowing that others with the same diagnosis share your experiences.

    A diagnosis also opens doors to support and treatments. Our experts can guide you to evidence-based interventions, therapy approaches, and lifestyle changes designed just for you. With a diagnosis, you're set to start a treatment journey with knowledge and purpose, improving your overall quality of life.

    The Expert Private ADHD Assessment Advantage

    Our clinic takes immense pride in offering an expert ensemble of professionals, including clinicians, psychiatrists, and mental health specialists. This collaborative approach ensures a comprehensive evaluation that leaves no stone unturned. Accurate diagnoses and effective treatment strategies are the hallmarks of our commitment to your well-being.

    Recognising the pace of modern life, our private ADHD assessment seamlessly integrates technology. This means you can undergo the assessment from the comfort of your own space, allowing you to invest your time and energy where it matters most.

    10 Benefits of Expert Private ADHD Assessment

    Accurate Diagnosis

    Our specialised assessment minimises misdiagnosis risk, ensuring a precise ADHD diagnosis.

    Tailored Treatment:

    Personalised plans optimise outcomes based on your specific needs.

    Expert Collaboration

    Access experienced ADHD specialists and mental health professionals.

    Convenient Online Process

    Seamlessly complete the assessment online within your routine.

    Holistic Insight

    Understand how ADHD impacts various life aspects for comprehensive awareness.

    Evidence-Based Approach

    Benefit from the latest research and clinical expertise for effective strategies.

    Evidence-Based Approach

    Benefit from the latest research and clinical expertise for effective strategies.

    Enhanced Well-Being

    Formal diagnosis and personalised treatment enhance mental and emotional wellness.


    Knowledge empowers informed decisions on health and treatment choices.

    Unique Coping Strategies

    Receive personalised coping techniques aligned with your strengths and challenges.

    Efficient Care Network

    Connect with a multidisciplinary team for comprehensive support.

    Your Pathway to Clarity and Support
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