Sleep Disorders

Here at Diverse Diagnostics, every assessment will be completed online, in a comprehensive manner, by a child and adolescent psychiatrist. The assessment process may vary depending on the diagnosis given, but our consultants will let you know since the first appointment what the process will look like for your own case. The assessment includes a feedback session, where the consultant will explain to the patient and family the final diagnosis, what it means, and the next steps to be taken.

**When medical treatment is required, we provide prescriptions only under “Shared Care” with your General Physician (GP); therefore, your GP will need to agree prior to the initial medication appointment to provide NHS prescriptions. All medication reviews will be under the consultant at Diverse Diagnostics, who will be responsible for the prescription and dosage specifications.**

What are sleep disorders?

Sleep disorders in children and young people are very common, and they can vary from problems falling asleep to staying asleep to physiological issues such as sleep apnoea, and disruptive behaviours during sleep (i.e. sleepwalking). They can be linked to many causes, such as academic concerns, family issues, developmental aspects, ADHD, depression, and anxiety.

Why are sleep disorders so important to address?

A lack of sleep in children can have a significant impact on their lives, and it can be the reason for:

  • accidents

  • behaviour issues

  • impulsiveness

  • mood disorders

  • lack of concentration/learning problems

  • slower reactions

  • overeating

  • memory issues

Signs and symptoms

There are different signs and symptoms that parents can identify as a sleep problem, such as snoring, breathing pauses while sleeping, struggling to fall asleep, difficulties staying awake during the day, bedwetting, sleepwalking, etc.

A proper assessment is required when this is affecting your daily lives; the child and adolescent consultant psychiatrist will help you improve your child’s sleep routine and will provide you with different techniques that can help your child to achieve ideal sleep, depending on the patient’s age and their requirements.

The doctors at Diverse Diagnostics have broad experience working with mental health disorders and will help you with the correct diagnosis and make recommendations for the following steps to take.

**If you have any questions or queries regarding our assessments in general, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. At Diverse Diagnostics, Glasgow, we are here to help children and their families embrace their diagnoses to improve their lives.