Revolutionising ADHD Assessments with QbCheck

Patient-Focused, Psychiatrist-Led Support

At Diverse Diagnostics, our commitment to providing accurate, efficient, and patient-centric services has led us to integrate QbCheck as part of our tests. This innovative tool enhances the precision and objectivity of our assessments, offering a new dimension to the diagnostic process.

If you’re looking for a private adult ADHD assessment with QbCheck, or need a diagnostic assessment for a child who may be presenting ADHD symptoms, a QbCheck assessment at Diverse Diagnostics will provide the accurate analysis you need.

ADHD Diagnosis With QbCheck: Your Objective ADHD Assessment

Our ADHD experts understand the challenges associated with traditional ADHD assessments. The subjective nature of observations and self-reports, for both adults and children, can sometimes lead to ambiguity.

With QbCheck, we've been able to embrace a groundbreaking approach to ADHD diagnosis. This online tool, developed by Qbtech, helps analyse core ADHD symptoms (namely impulsivity, inattention, and hyperactivity), providing objective data that refines the diagnostic process and provides patients with simplified, reliable test results.

Expert psychiatrsits  providing comprehensive Private ADHD Assessment in London.

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What To Expect From QbCheck

Accurate Assessments

With its advanced analysis capabilities (and parameters derived from extensive studies across age groups), QbCheck helps us to deliver accurate assessments of ADHD symptoms in both adults and children

Comprehensive Understanding

QbCheck doesn't rely solely on traditional rating scales. It adds an objective layer to the diagnostic process, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of your or your child's ADHD symptoms.

Efficient Testing

The tool streamlines the diagnostic process without compromising accuracy. Assessing core ADHD symptoms in this way also supports in establishing comorbidities.

Objective Data for Clinicians

Our healthcare professionals benefit from precise QbCheck measurement of factors like motor activity and attention, aiding in the diagnosis and treatment planning for patients.

Real Experiences, Real Results

Discover what our valued clients have to say about their experience with Diverse Diagnostics. Their stories speak volumes about the positive impact our assessments and treatments have had on their lives.

Graham Robinson

Carlisle, England
When it’s your child’s future, it’s an easy decision to have to pay. We found all members of staff professional and helpful, with very high standards. An excellent care service which I would recommend to anyone.

Frances Morris

Essex, England
Excellent, professional service. Sympathetic and supportive and Dr Basra makes a point of exploring every area of concern in order to gain a full understanding of the situation which enables her to give an accurate diagnosis. Great next steps advice also . So glad we found Diverse Diagnostics! Would definitely recommend to others (and already have!)

Dawn Sheppard

Oxford, England
After recognising signs of ADHD in my daughter, I contacted my GP to discover it would be 3+ years before the NHS would review her, by then she would be in high school without any additional support/guidance. I decided to look for a private service.
I noticed a free event on the ADHD UK facebook page, this online meeting is where I met Dr Basra, an NHS CAHMS consultant, what an amazing knowledgeable person. She came in to our lives at the right time...

Rhona Duncan

Alloa, Scotland
Fantastic service from beginning to end. The first time I feel we have truly been listened to and all members of the team really took time to get to know their patient, the issues we were having and how their patient could best be helped to achieve their full potential without struggling so much...

John Christie

Glasgow, Scotland
I found Diverse Diagnostics online with a good rating so decided to go with them. From beginning to end, they've all been great, from the people I spoke to over the phone to the Doctor who completed my assessment. They were all very nice, professional and informative, they answered all my question and walked me through the next steps.

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At Diverse Diagnostics, we understand that navigating a mental health condition is a journey unique to each individual. Trust us for an ADHD assessment that goes beyond the surface, with QbCheck.

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With PayL8TR, accessing quality mental health care has never been more convenient. Spread the cost of your assessment over an extended period, allowing you to prioritise your well-being without compromising your peace of mind.

Understanding the QbCheck Process for Private Child & Adult ADHD Assessments

QbCheck transforms the landscape of ADHD assessments, offering an innovative and objective approach to the diagnostic process. 

  1. QbCheck, developed by Qbtech, helps us to meticulously analyse core ADHD symptoms: impulsivity, inattention, and hyperactivity.

  2. Leveraging advanced measures and parameters, QbCheck collects objective data, contributing to a more accurate assessment compared to traditional methods.

  3. Remember - QbCheck is not a diagnostic tool, and on its own, cannot be used to test for ADHD. QbCheck is backed by research and studies conducted at top universities, and helps to corroborate information from the standard assessment process.

How to Prepare: Ensuring a Smooth QbCheck Assessment Experience

  • Technology: ensure you have an up-to-date computer or laptop with a webcam to support the QbCheck process (if you do not have access to this, please contact the team directly to discuss your options).

  • Follow Instructions: your clinician will send helpful instructions on how to access your QbCheck appointment.

  • Don’t Worry! There is no pass or fail on a QbCheck assessment so please do not feel pressured to be perfect!