Private ADHD Assessment for Children:
Patient Focused, Psychiatrist led

Welcome to Diverse Diagnostics, a trusted source for in-depth ADHD assessments for children. Our comprehensive online evaluation is designed to offer unmatched insights and support for families navigating childhood ADHD.

With a team of experienced Consultant child and adolescent psychiatrists with a patient-centred approach, we are committed to easing the complexities of ADHD in children and creating personalised treatment plans that enhance their overall well-being.

I honestly can’t thank Diverse Diagnostics enough. My son was really struggling with school and general life and the 2-3 year wait for CAMHS seemed impossible for him. Within a few months he was assessed and diagnosed ADHD and started medication. They really seemed to understand and the whole process was simple. He is now thriving and all our life’s are much easier. For us it was life changing
-Gemma Denzey

Our Child ADHD Assessments Process

Led by a Consultant Psychiatrist, this process follows the same diagnostic assessment as the NHS. At our clinic, we offer a comprehensive and personalised assessment process for children undergoing ADHD evaluation and tailored treatment recommendations.

Here's an outline of our assessment process:

Why Is It Helpful To Have a Diagnosis?

Life can take a turn with a formal diagnosis of childhood ADHD. It validates the challenges families face and offers a clear understanding of their child's difficulties. This offers relief by confirming that their child's struggles stem from a recognised medical condition.

A formal diagnosis leads to various support resources and treatments. Our team can steer families toward proven interventions, therapeutic approaches, and personalised educational adaptations. 

Equipped with a diagnosis, families can embark on an informed journey that ultimately enhances their child's quality of life.

10 Benefits of Private ADHD Assessment for Children

Improved Self-Esteem

Targeted interventions can contribute to improved self-confidence and a more positive self-image.

Private Assessment

Ready to embark on a transformative journey to improve your well-being and gain a deeper understanding of adult ADHD?

Book your expert private ADHD assessment with us and access the clarity and support you deserve. Don't let adult ADHD hinder your potential. Experience the benefits of an accurate diagnosis, personalised treatment, and ongoing support through our comprehensive private ADHD assessment. 

Begin your path towards an enhanced quality of life with personalised ADHD care at Diverse Diagnostics.

Frequently Asked Questions About Private ADHD Assessment for Children

At Diverse Diagnostics, our assessments are structured in alignment with NHS guidelines, ensuring a comprehensive and evidence-based approach. Our commitment to following NICE/National guidance ensures that you receive assessments of the highest quality and credibility. What sets us apart is that all our assessments are led by Consultant Psychiatrists with extensive experience, providing you with expert insights and personalised care.

At Diverse Diagnostics, all assessments are conducted by only our team of experienced child psychiatrists who have specialised expertise in this area.

Our assessment includes a comprehensive review of the child's medical history, symptom assessment, and possibly psychological testing to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

The duration can vary, but on average, the assessment process takes a few hours to complete.

Our assessment focuses on diagnosis. If medication is recommended, it will be part of the final report. Please note that medication is a separate process and can be discussed following a diagnosis in the medication initiation appointment.

Yes, our assessment can provide insights into how ADHD may impact a child's academic performance and offer strategies to address these challenges.

We may ask you to provide information about your child's medical history and any symptoms they've experienced.

Yes, our assessment is suitable for children and teenagers to provide accurate diagnoses and tailored treatment plans.